Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rally Against the Nuclear Option

Yikes - it just keeps on coming - hold on to your hearts. Be strong and do what you can and love each other well.

The Washington Post published a poll which showed that, by a 2:1 margin, Americans oppose radical Republicans' plan to seize absolute power over the courts1—incredible news. Then Republican leader Bill Frist took to the Senate floor and vowed not to stop pushing until he's stripped Democrats of any say in judicial nominations.2

Each day this week is a race between the American people's growing frustration with Republicans' abuse of power, and Bill Frist's determination to break Senate rules anyway. At any time he could pull the trigger on the "nuclear option" if he thinks he has the votes to do it.

That's why Wednesday's emergency Rallies to Stop the Judicial Takeover are so critical. MoveOn members have organized 180 rallies in all 50 states! A massive turnout tomorrow is the most powerful way we can demonstrate such overwhelming public opposition that Frist backs off for good. It might require leaving work a little early or driving farther than usual—but it's worth it.

Sign up now for a rally in your region:

Rally Against the Nuclear Option
Indiana Statehouse steps
302 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN
Wednesday, April 27, 5:00 PM

To search for rallies in another area, click here:

The growing public resistance to the "nuclear option" is due in no small measure to our work together: Hundreds of thousands of flyers, phone calls, letters to the editor, window signs, petition signatures, dollars donated to run ads and urgent water cooler conversations.

But right-wing groups are mobilizing, and Frist is fighting back hard, twisting arms to win votes. Moderate Republicans need to hear from us now to counter growing pressure from party leaders, corporate donors and the extreme right. And Democrats who've suggested confirming some of Bush's blocked judges need to know we expect them to fight with all their strength to protect our courts -- and that we'll support them when they do.

We've designed these rallies to be fun, interactive, and impactful. And to ensure our message gets out, volunteers have been inviting media. With a record turnout tomorrow, we can send a clear message straight to Washington that we are not willing to sacrafice our courts or our democracy—and we have the strength to win.

It's up to you. Hope to see you tomorrow (Wednesday).

Thanks for all that you do,

–Justin, Jennifer, James, Wes and the MoveOn PAC Team
Tuesday night, April 26th, 2005


1. "Filibuster Rule Change Opposed," Richard Morin and Dan Balz, Washington Post, 4/26/05

2. "Republicans Reject Offer On Judges," Charles Babington, Washington Post, 4/26/05

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