Monday, May 01, 2006

"Day Without Immigrants/Un día sin inmigrantes"

"Day Without Immigrants/Un día sin inmigrantes" nationwide movement. The day of action, organized to coincide with International Worker's Day May 1, comes in reponse to proposed draconian anti-immigrant legislation being considered by Congress. It also aims to educate people and counter the subtle and overt racism that has pervaded the immigration discussion to date. Started in Los Angeles, Un día sin inmigrantes envisions various levels of action and participation. Many thousands, perhaps millions of immigrants, will participate on the maximum level suggested by the organizers: a one-day general strike, with no work, no school, no transportation or buying gasoline--in fact, no participation in the general economy whatsoever. The goal is to help people visualize and feel what economy and society would be like if immigrants--much vilified in current discussion--were not in the picture.


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