Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Declaration of Peace and Votes for Peace

The Declaration of Peace

A Nonviolent Action Campaign For an End to the U.S. War in Iraq

The Declaration of Peace is a nonviolent action campaign to end the U.S. war
in Iraq and bring the U.S. troops home now. By signing the Declaration of
Peace, people across the United States will pledge to: work actively for
this immediate withdrawal from Iraq and take nonviolent action if the U.S.
government has not established a comprehensive withdrawal plan by a
mid-September, 2006 deadline.

If a withdrawal plan is not established by the deadline - shortly before
Congress adjourns for the fall elections - thousands of people will engage
in nonviolent action in Washington, D.C. and in congressional offices and
other sites throughout the nation. Nationally coordinated nonviolent
activities will continue on a regular basis until the United States
withdraws from Iraq.

The Declaration of Peace will call for a comprehensive exit policy,
. Withdrawal of U.S. troops
. Closure of U.S. military bases
. Support for an Iraqi-led peace process, including a peace conference to
shape a post-occupation transition
. End to U.S. control of Iraqi oil
. Reparations for the destruction that this war has caused, and
. Increased support for U.S. veterans of the Iraq war

For more details and to sign the Declaration of Peace, visit:


Voters For Peace: The power to end the war and prevent future wars of
What if millions decided to vote their conscience and said 'No More War

The Voters Pledge makes visible a powerful political force, the peace vote,
a force that politicians cannot continue to ignore. It sends a clear message
to the hawkish minority that leads both major parties to end the occupation
of Iraq and to end unprovoked attacks on other nations.

Sign the Voters Pledge and ask at least 10 of your friends to sign as well.
You can help get 2 million signers in 2006.

"I will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress or President who
does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and preventing any future war
of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign."

Sign the Voters Pledge at:

Read more about the Voters Pledge in Cindy Sheehan's "A Perfect Mother's Day
Gift: Create a Peace Movement That Ends the Iraq Occupation and Prevents
Future Wars of Aggression" at:


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