Friday, March 06, 2009

Green Dove Still Here

Some have asked, "Is Green Dove still here"? The answer is yes. Not nearly as active as it was in the past. But still here. It is difficult running an entity such as Green Dove without support, so we do what we can.

We have spent a lot of time working with our projects Indiana Holistic Health Network and Local Food on the "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo. November 2009 will see the forth annual event! In the past we have collaborated on this community event with the Center for Sustainable Living, Middle Way Food Works, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, The Good Life Alternative, Local Growers Guild and others. To learn more about the event and these great organizations, visit the "Simply Healthy" website and check out the Sponsors page.

We added new info to the Children's Book List, newly updated the entry page and more.

Green Dove will be publishing new poets to the Peace Poets Gallery.

We are in collaboration with Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts and the Indiana Holistic Health Network to launch the Reiki Wellness Program - it currently has two focuses - a Reiki Wellness Program for Vets, their families and caregivers and Reiki Wellness for Victims of Domestic Violence. We will keep you posted about the Reiki Wellness Programs.

We need your support to keep things going. This year we ran into some major problems with our computer technology and it kept us down for a long time. Give us a hand! We will really appreciate it! Make a donation, $5, 10, or more if you can afford it - make your your tax deductible check to Green Dove Network-CSL and mail it to Green Dove, P.O. Box 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407

We understand that most people are on a budget. If you are a business and have a laptop no longer in use, send it our way. It will be greatly appreciated. Donate to cover phone service, 100% recycled paper, ink for a Canon Pixma printer - anything you think will help keep us afloat will be appreciated!

In a day or so, we will be posting the updated Calendar and an updated Food News so come back later and check them out.

If you have time and would like to help us, contact us and tell us what your interest is.

In peace,

Green Dove

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