Thursday, April 22, 2010

AARP Health Care Video

May this note find you well cared for and our communities recognition of health and wellness as key ingredients to a peaceful world.

A friend forwarded this note from the AARP regarding health care. It gets a YAY from those who have seen it! What do you have to say about this, and health care for all? I definitely believe that our nation’s resources would be better served by using the bulk of funds currently wasted through the expansion of fear destruction and terror for health, reconstruction and education. Then we may begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.
Dear Readers,
For the last two years, we've gotten the same old song and dance from Wall Street, big banks, and other financial institutions.
Well, we say enough's enough – so today we're releasing a funny and hard-hitting new ad that will help us garner the outrage we need to defeat Wall Street and pass the financial reforms we need. But we need your help to get it seen!

Click here to watch the video and then share it with friends!

Here’s why it's so critical that we get this video seen:
America’s seniors are hurting right now – they've lost retirement savings, homes, jobs and more. And they urgently need the Senate to pass the financial reforms that will protect them. These reforms would rein in banks’ reckless behavior and crack down on the abusive and deceptive practices used by mortgage lenders and credit card companies.

Not surprisingly, the usual suspects on Wall Street have hired an army of lobbyists to storm Capitol Hill and cripple efforts at reform. They want to keep the ridiculous loopholes, the undeserved bonuses, and the lack of honest oversight that many financial predators still enjoy.

It's up to us to fight back.

Watch our new ad and share it with your friends!
Thank you for standing strong against Wall Street’s excesses. With the help of people like you, I know we can secure the reforms that America’s seniors urgently need.
Barry Jackson
Senior Manager, Grassroots

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