Monday, March 14, 2011

Continue to Send Support to Japan

Dear All,

Thank you for visiting this page. There are so many that need our positive thoughts, prayers and resources. Haiti and New Orleans are still in recovery as are many other war torn places upon our home earth. Now, Japan, as you well know is reeling from the recent earthquake and tsunami. Gratefully, many around the earth have responded. As with Haiti and New Orleans, the aid and consideration will be necessary for some time to come.

Please open your loving HEARTS FULLY to Stand Shoulder to Shoulder in the LIGHT of love radiating from each of our hearts, each of us visualizing the vibrations of Peace, Love, Harmony, Unity and a recovery of the shifting of our Earth Mother."

What effects one, effects us all.

Please send out peaceful and loving energy to all that you love and believe in asking for assistance and quick stabilization of all devastating energies in regards to the Japan earth quake and following tsunamis.

If you feel inclined, Please invite in the healing energies on behalf of all disruptions and inequities and fear based behaviors that keep us from helping one another and healing our communities and our earth in a peaceful manner.

May all of our loving thoughts and prayers reach out and assist in some way those in need of these prayers and the blessings of comfort they may release for all people affected, and may the global community continue its outpouring of all needed supplies and resources for the ensuing massive rescue and relief effort.

Thank you, I am grateful for each thought and action shared.

You are each a blessing,

Please keep sending your prayers and positive thoughts to all those in need, and if you have the ability to, send aid through these links;

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