Monday, June 06, 2005

Back from Great Mother-New Father Conference

Great Mother Conference – 2005

There is so much to say about the Great Mother Conference. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate with such a loving inclusive group of writers, artists, musicians and others, all actively being their intentions to be a part of manifesting wholeness into the world. I have not been home a day. I am playing catch up on all of the Green Dove web work and life.

We dialoged about what you may already know; that there are difficult times unfolding around us. That is why people are beginning more and more to seek out information that might allow them to co-create other possible realities. That is why people just like you and me are beginning to gather together, gather information to share, take the time to consider how we might move it into the larger world. A few weeks ago, a young woman in response to a conversations about how the current administration was not acting on behalf of the people said, “somebody save us”, to which I responded “we will have to save ourselves and each other. You will have to find a way to be your own hero by doing something to bring us closer together. The Great Mother Conference amplified and supported this message.

The distance between us is sacred.


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