Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Action: World Fair Trade Day May 13th

Action: World Fair Trade Day May 13th — Adopt-a-Supermarket

Adopt a Supermarket

On May 13th, communities around the globe will celebrate World Fair Trade Day. This year focuses on the unique role of Fair Trade organizations that work to support producers and build the Fair Trade market while challenging conventional international trade.

You can celebrate the amazing work of Fair Trade organizations like the Fair Trade Federation members listed in the National Green Pages™ by adopting a supermarket, cafe, or gift store in your area and working to get them to offer more Fair Trade products. By adopting a supermarket you pledge to join with friends and neighbors to work with your local store to get more Fair Trade products on the shelf.

When you “Adopt-a-Supermarket” you get a free “I Shop Fair Trade” tote bag so you can proudly show your support for Fair Trade.


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