Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Conscientious Objectors from Around the WorldGather in Washington DC and New York to Oppose Global War

Conscientious Objectors from Around the World
Gather in Washington DC and New York to Oppose Global War


From May 11th to 16th, US conscientious
objectors (CO's) and CO's from around the world
will gather in New York City and Washington DC
for Operation Refuse War, a week of conferences,
demonstrations, and actions in celebration of
International Conscientious Objectors Day, May 15th.

Operation Refuse War will be an opportunity for
conscientious objectors, anti-war activists, and
military families to come together to share
strategies and build community. Participants are
coming from South Korea, Eritrea, Colombia, Peru,
El Salvador, Canada, Britain, Israel, Macedonia,
Bosnia, Germany, and across the United States.
This week of action will highlight the
difficulties that current conscientious objectors
face as well as help build relationships and
connections between the various communities
within the anti-war movement. In addition,
Operation Refuse War will bring together
international and American conscientious
objectors to share their experiences and ideas with the public.

Public Activities will include:

* We Will Not Kill: International Conscientious Objectors Speak Out!
Thursday May 11th 2006 7pm-9pm
Location: Friends Meeting House, 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY

* Operation Refuse War: An International Conference of Resisters to Global War
Washington DC, May 13-14 2006
This two day conference will be an opportunity to
connect domestic and international anti war organizers

For a full schedule of events, visit

Other Related Events in Washington DC: Lobby Day
on Capitol Hill for CO Recognition (organized by
the Center on Conscience & War), Eyes Wide Open
Exhibit on the Mall, GI Rights Hotline Gathering,
Silent March Against the War in Iraq and a number of other events.

Sponsoring organizations include the War
Resisters League, War Resisters International
American Friends Service Committee Youth and
Militarism Program, the Center on Conscience &
War, the Washington Peace Center, the National
Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Iraq Veterans
Against the War – NYC Chapter, Military Law Task
Force of the National Lawyers Guild, Fellowship
of Reconciliation: Disarmament Program, Central
Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), and
Student Peace Action Network (SPAN) (List in formation)

Since the 1980s, May 15th has been celebrated as
International Conscientious Objectors' Day. Each
year, War Resisters' International holds
activities in a country where conscientious
objectors face persecution or harassment.
Previous locations have included the Balkans in
2002, Israel in 2003, Chile in 2004, and Greece
in 2005. In addition, a similar gathering of
conscientious objectors has been held each year
in Washington, DC to forward the rights of
conscientious objectors in the United States.
This year, CO's from the US and other countries
will meet together to strengthen their common efforts.

War Resisters League
339 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012


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